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Making a sugar scrub with Foaming Bath Butter is very easy. I made some for the Christmas swap and loved every minute of it.

500gr Foaming Bath Butter
100gr Sweet Almond oil
500gr Sugar
Parfume oil
Colour (optional)
Glycerine (optional)

Cut the FBB into pieces and put it into a bowl.

Now add the Sweet Almond oil. You can use a different oil if you like. Depending on what kind of properties you are looking for you could use for instance jojoba or other oil.

Add the sugar. I have used white sugar in this case, but you could use other sugar if you prefer.

Add the fragrance and preservative of choice.

Mix all ingredients with a whipper until it doubles in volume. Do not overbeat or it will collapse.

Once you have reached this stage you split the batch in two.

Add your colourant to one part of the mixture. If you use a powder (like mica) it is best to disolve it in glycerine. This makes it easier to get an even colour.

 Mix the colour in quickly. Normally it should take only 30 seconds or so to get the colour in.

You now have a coloured and a white batch. You can now layer them in a jar to make a perfect gift.

This is the one I made for my mum and for the Christmas swap. Ofcourse I made some for myself as well.  It has a lovely scrub and leaves my skin nice and soft.

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