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I received my first ever blog award from Miranda of MirandArt. It is the Liebster Blog (Nicest Blog) award, which has been invented to give starting and relatively unknown blogs a spotlight.

She said she enjoys reading my blog and I think that is so sweet of her. I love sharing my soaping-life with others.

The rules for acception the award:

Say thank you to the giver and link back to their blog (just to be kind).
If you accept the award and want to pass it on, you make a message on your blog that includes the Liebster Blog picture and the instructions (which you are reading now).
Now give the award to 3-5 of your favourite blogs and in your message leave a link to each of their blogs.
Write a comment to the nominees that you have awarded the Liebster Blog award to them.

So for my nominees I have had a really difficult time as I love so many blogs. It was hard to decide who should be placed in the spotlight next.

So the award goes to:
Eenvoudig leven (a blog about how a family goes back to the basics of a simple life)
Jenora Soaps (a very nice soap blog from sunny Spain)
Lavarie (a very talented soaper from Germany)
Marina Soap (also a very nice soap blog from Germany)
Jabones: Alquimia de las plantas (such beautiful soaps)

Please visit these blogs, they are really lovely to read.

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Naast zeep ben ik ook druk in de weer geweest met het maken van badbommen. Zelf ben ik gek op badbommen en met de baby ga ik bijna elke dag in bad. Daarom wil ik ook badbommen maken die wat toevoegen.


Apart from soap I have also been busy making bath fizzies. I love them so much, especially as I have a bath almost every day with the baby. This is why I want the bath fizzies to have an added value.

These are the Lavender-Geranium bath fizzies. They have essential oils in for the fragrance and olive oil and coconut oil to moisturize. Very nice, but the flowers on top are not so nice. Even though they look very pretty on top, in the bath it looks as though an army of mice played there. In the next batch I will not pot them on top anymore.

These are my favourite fragrance of Green tea & Ginger. Hmmmmmm, so nice. I have added freshly ground green tea leaves, coconut oil and buttermilk. Very nice bath fizzer.

Finally the Monoi de Tahiti. I love this fresh, flowery fragrance. Unfortunately my soap turned brown, but the fizzers stay a crisp white. Of course I added oils for moisturizing your skin in the bath.

All of these can be found in the webshop as of this weekend.

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Meer zeep van de laatste tijd. Ik krijg hier een echt lentegevoel van.

More soaps I have made lately. These give me such a great spring feeling.

The first is a luxury soap with shea and buttermilk. Very creamy and soft for the skin. The fragrance is a really lovely Black raspberry & Vanilla. To give a soft scrub I have added some seeds.

The second is also with shea and buttermilk, but this time in my favourite fragrance of the moment Green Tea & Ginger. It is a fresh scent, but with a real tea undertone. I like the way the colour came out as well, but I think I would like to add some green tea leaves (crushed) in the next batch.

Third is a remake of the always popular Honey, Oatmeal & Milk. Of cource I have added real honey, buttermilk and oatmeal.So this is a very nice buffing soap to get rid of your dead winter skin.

The next one I will call Scrub me all over. As I was making two soaps at the same time I accidentally put the oatmeal in this soap. Even though it was meaned to be a regular soap it turned out quite nice. The fragrance is light, fruity and airy.

The last soap is a german salt soap. This soap is completely smooth, very hard and smells very nice. This one is unisex, but I think most men will enjoy this scent a lot.

Het is al even geleden dat ik een bericht heb gepost, maar de tijd gaat soms zo hard dat het moeilijk bij te benen is.
Sinds een paar weken zit mijn zwangerschapsverlof erop en moest ik weer aan het werk. Aangezien ik ruim 6 maanden afwezig ben geweest is het weer even wennen, maar intussen is het alsof ik nooit ben weggeweest (hmm, is dat nou goed of niet? Ik weet het niet).
Gelukkig heb ik ook nog wat gezeept de laatste weken, want op eerste en tweede paasdag heb ik de eerste beurs van 2011 gepland.


It has been quite a while since my last post, but time just seems to run away at times.
A couple of weeks ago my maternity leave ended and I had to start work again. As I had been absent for more than 6 months I had to get used to it again, but now it is already like I never left (don't know if this is good or bad...).
Luckily I have done some soaping these past weeks as I have my first craft show of 2011 coming up at easter.

Firstly I have done some 100% natural soaps.

The first is a real castille with 100% olive oil, no colour and no fragrance. Very good for babies and people with sensitive skin.

The second soap is also a real castille, but with Lavender essential oil and real lavender on top. I love the colour as most of the time the flowers seem to turn brown, but these as a really lovely blue-purple.

And last is my Camomille-calendula castille. Also made with 100% olive oil, and with honey, crushed camomille  and calendula flowers inside. No colour and no fragrance is added. This is a very nice and gentle scrub soap. Ideal for your face.

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