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Meer zeep van de laatste tijd. Ik krijg hier een echt lentegevoel van.

More soaps I have made lately. These give me such a great spring feeling.

The first is a luxury soap with shea and buttermilk. Very creamy and soft for the skin. The fragrance is a really lovely Black raspberry & Vanilla. To give a soft scrub I have added some seeds.

The second is also with shea and buttermilk, but this time in my favourite fragrance of the moment Green Tea & Ginger. It is a fresh scent, but with a real tea undertone. I like the way the colour came out as well, but I think I would like to add some green tea leaves (crushed) in the next batch.

Third is a remake of the always popular Honey, Oatmeal & Milk. Of cource I have added real honey, buttermilk and oatmeal.So this is a very nice buffing soap to get rid of your dead winter skin.

The next one I will call Scrub me all over. As I was making two soaps at the same time I accidentally put the oatmeal in this soap. Even though it was meaned to be a regular soap it turned out quite nice. The fragrance is light, fruity and airy.

The last soap is a german salt soap. This soap is completely smooth, very hard and smells very nice. This one is unisex, but I think most men will enjoy this scent a lot.

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