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I received my first ever blog award from Miranda of MirandArt. It is the Liebster Blog (Nicest Blog) award, which has been invented to give starting and relatively unknown blogs a spotlight.

She said she enjoys reading my blog and I think that is so sweet of her. I love sharing my soaping-life with others.

The rules for acception the award:

Say thank you to the giver and link back to their blog (just to be kind).
If you accept the award and want to pass it on, you make a message on your blog that includes the Liebster Blog picture and the instructions (which you are reading now).
Now give the award to 3-5 of your favourite blogs and in your message leave a link to each of their blogs.
Write a comment to the nominees that you have awarded the Liebster Blog award to them.

So for my nominees I have had a really difficult time as I love so many blogs. It was hard to decide who should be placed in the spotlight next.

So the award goes to:
Eenvoudig leven (a blog about how a family goes back to the basics of a simple life)
Jenora Soaps (a very nice soap blog from sunny Spain)
Lavarie (a very talented soaper from Germany)
Marina Soap (also a very nice soap blog from Germany)
Jabones: Alquimia de las plantas (such beautiful soaps)

Please visit these blogs, they are really lovely to read.

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