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Sinds een paar dagen ben ik bezig om mijn nieuwe winkel in te richten. Hiervoor gebruik ik een nieuwe software tool, nl Magento. Op zich heel leuk om te doen, maar al die nieuwe functionaliteiten onder de knie krijgen valt nog niet mee.
DH vindt dat ik het dan maar moet laten doen door iemand anders, maar dat gaat echt tegen mijn trots in. Vandaag ga ik dus maar weer knutselen aan mijn winkel, dus hopelijk is het eind deze week af.


The past few days I have been working on my new shop. For this I use a new tool called Magento. This is real fun, but still difficult to master all the new functionalities.
DH thinks I should get someone else to do it for me, but my pride does not let me do that. So today I am going at it again. Hopefully I will have finished it by the end of the week.

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2 comments to “Webshop”

  1. good luck with that and don't give up until your shop is the way you want it :) thanks for finding, I've been only minor successful in connecting with soapers from the netherlands. don't know why that is...anyway, many greetings and who knows, maybe you'ld be up for a soap review of one of your lovely soaps one of these days..Tot ziens!

  1. Thank you very much for your positive comment. I think it is great to be in touch with soapers from all over the world.
    Your site looks great, so ofcourse I am up for a soap review as well.

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