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Patrick, van Kaars en zo, heeft voor de swap een prachtige collectie producten gemaakt. We hebben de swap van de pakketten gedaan in zijn mooie winkel in Hilversum waar hij prachtige kaarsen en lekkere zeep verkoopt.


Patrick of Kaars en zo, has made a beautiful collection of products for the swap. We did the swapping of the packages in his nice shop in Hilversum where he sells gorgeous candles and soaps.

Patrick choose a fragrance as his theme. It is a mixture of geranium, bergamot and some other notes.
I love geranium, so this is really up my alley.
* A rose soap cupcake with a little rosebud on top.
* A shampoo that smells divine.
* A firm sugarscrub in the same fragrance.
* A small bag of bath salt for a relaxing footbath.
* A solid bubble bath bar with lots of glycerine, so very moisturising in the bath.
* A gel candle that looks like a glass of wine. Very classy.

Tomorrow I will show the package I received from Jane.

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