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Jane heeft voor de kerstswap een heel lief mandje gestuurd met allemaal leuke dingetjes erin. Alles ziet er heel verzorgd uit en je kunt zien dat ze het met liefde heeft gemaakt.


Jane has send us a sweet basket with all these pretty things in it. Everything looks cared for and you can see she made it all with love.

* Soy wax tarts in a really nice spicy xmas fragrance. I love the smell of it in my house.
* Body lotion with a subtle fragrance. Personally I like big smells, but this is perfect if you want to lotion up before going out, but not have it compete with your expensive perfume.
* Salt & sugar scrub with foaming bath butter. It is a nice and firm scrub and not very oily, which is good I think. The fragrance is very subtle as well.
* Bubble bar which my son stole straight away. He is using it tomorrow in his bath.
* A spicy soap cake with again a lovely fragrance.

Thanks Jane! I love the fresh colours you used as well. It just screams ice and snow (although there is none left unfortunately).

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