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Het vierde pakje is van Lyanne (Pure Soap). Ze maakt prachtige zeep, dus ik was erg benieuwd naar wat ze voor ons heeft gemaakt. Ik kan zeggen dat ze me niet teleur heeft gesteld ;-)


The 4th package is of Lyanne (Pure Soap). She makes wonderfull soaps, so I was very curious to what she made for us. I can say she did not dissapoint me :-)

Everything looks very professional, so compliments for the packaging.
* My favourite is the soy wax. It smells really great and uplifting. She even included a wax holder for us.
* The scrub with shea and cocoa butter leaves my skin soft and moisturized.
* The massage candle looks great in the little tree cup. I will have to try it on my husband.
* Pine fragranced Bath jelly looks lovely. I never tried a bath jelly, as the ones at Lush really make my skin crawl. I hate people pocking their fingers in my bath jelly, blehhh.
* A cupcake soap with life like whipped cream. Yummy!

A big thank you to Lyanne!

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