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Het laatste pakketje van de kerstswap heb ik opgehaald. Het is gemaakt doos Corry aka Eucalypta.
Wat een leuke dingen zitten erin!

* A castille liquid handsoap which smells so nice. I have put it in the downstairs toilet, so all guests can try it.
* A christmas tree soap & bubble bath. The tree looks incredible with lots of glitter and very small soap stars. The bubble bath has such a nice smell that my husband joined me in the bath when I used it as he could not resist.
* Solid shampoo & conditioner. They look great, so I am looking forward to trying it very soon. At the moment I try to limit my hair washing as the baby is usually by my side in the bath.
* A lovely green winter soap. Looks great with pieces of transparent (not M&P) soap.

* A very, very nice scrub. Best one so far!
* A soywax candle. I have not tried it yet. Right now I am using the spicy one from Jane.

All in all a very nice package. Well worth the wait I think. Thanks Corry!

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